Monitoring & Managing of European Seagrass Ecosystems - M&MS

SEAGRASSES dot ORG serves as the main information and data exchange site for the M&MS project under the EU Fifth Framework Programme

Zostera marina in Øresund, Denmark - (c) Ole Pedersen Rhizome network of Zostera marina - (c) Ole Pedersen Die-off of Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay - (c) Ole Pedersen Oxygen microelectrode inserted into Thalassia testudinum - (c) Ole Pedersen Mixed seagrass meadow in Bali, Indonesia - (c) Ole Pedersen

The goal of the M&MS project is to define the habitat requirements of seagrasses in the European coasts, the present threats to the sustainability of the ecosystem they form, and their resilience to disturbance in order to strengthen our forecast capacity and formulate cost-effective monitoring plans and management strategies.

The project is using a multidisciplinary approach to compile and analyze existing monitoring data, performing broad-scale and detailed field studies and making experimental manipulations and detailed process studies in the field and laboratory.

The existing and acquired knowledge have been integrated into a handbook for environmental managers to assist them target anthropogenic activities critical to the sustainability of seagrass beds and to provide them with simple operational models for forecasting the performance and recovery of seagrass beds.

NEW "European Seagrasses: an introduction to monitoring and management" may be downloaded as PDF files from the menu NEW

It is available as versions in high as well as in low resolution and in addition, the high resolution version may be downloaded chapter by chapter.


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